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Dear Customers,

Superior Auto Extras was established in 1991 and has continued to grow with the move to our 50,000 square foot warehouse in Sylmar, California and the launching of our Eastern division offices and warehouse in Memphis, Tennessee. It is through the support of you, our customers, that we have grown and continue on our mission of making your showroom or lobby more profitable.

As you browse through our website you will see 100’s of new items. Some of these products are brand new to the car wash industry and others are extensions of an already very successful line. When you compare the Superior Auto Extras catalog from just last year to this year you will notice that we have discontinued many items that were either not producing adequate sales in your lobby or just not productive in favor of the new introductions we are now launching. Superior Auto Extras continually strives to make each and every hook, each and every shelf produce the most sales and profits that are possible (see below a listing of our numerous product categories).

Through our hard work and dedication to this mission we are confident in both our product selection and our sales professionals to keep your showrooms looking fresh, up to date and clean. Please do know that Superior Auto Extras keeps accurate computer records of how each item you stock contributes to your retail sales. This information helps us to determine how the space in your lobby is best used.

Superior Auto Extras has remained committed to our remodeling program too. Call our offices for details when updating your lobby. We have proven time and time again that a new fresh look will pump up your sales immediately.

Even with the growth Superior Auto Extras remains a family owned company. We welcome your comments, suggestions, complaints or compliments. Please feel free to talk to any of our customer service representatives on any matter. We are always available to help with everything you need. You are also welcome to contact our management team:

Operations VP : Patrick Almalem: Email:   web link

Sales VP: Chris Wade: Email:   web link

Owners - Gene Student and Eddie Klapova     

Sincerely, Superior Auto Extras