Frequently Asked Questions

•          How do I set up an account for my car wash?
Well, we are glad you asked. Setting up an account is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse and filling out the form online. Click on this link Account Setup and submit the form. Within 1 business day someone from our office will get in contact with you to speak about getting your account set up.
•          I am a new customer and would like to see if your company can help maximize my lobby’s profits. Who should I speak to? 
We are happy to help. Please Contact Us and we will make sure the sales representative closest to your location is in touch with you.
•          What should I do if I’m concerned about stocking too much inventory? 
Not to worry, our trained sales professionals are constantly striving to keep a perfect balance of inventory to handle busy times of year and preventing being out of stock. With thousands of customers and over 70 sales reps we have all the experience necessary to make sure your show room doesn’t become an extension of our warehouse.
•          I’ve never really maintained product in my store before. How do I start? 
 The best place to start is by meeting with one of our trained representatives. They will come to your car wash, walk through the store with you and give you a plan and vision for your new retail profit center. At this time, you can decide on what type of merchandising displays methods and fixtures to use, category selection and opening stock levels.
•          What happens if the product doesn’t sell or is defective? 
We take it back and give you full credit. It’s simple. As most all new ventures, it takes time to build awareness and consistency after an established period of time, if the product doesn’t sell we will replace it for something that might sell better once we gain some sales history on your location. With our experience and research done prior to taking a product to market we know that only about 4-5% of the products won’t do well. When it comes to a product being damaged or defective from the manufacturer or in shipping to you, no questions asked we accept the return for full credit.
•          What are your payment terms?
Many customers chose to pay by credit card when their order is shipped, but we also offer open terms to customers who have had an account with us for 6 months or more and have approved credit references.
•          How long has your company been in business? 
We have been in business for 27 years.
•          Where is the company located? 
We have two locations - Sylmar, California and Memphis, Tennessee.
•          Where can I get a catalog and price sheet? 
You can request a catalog on-line or call us directly at 818-362-5554 (California) or 901-794-2988 (Memphis) to get both a catalog and price sheet. You can Download our Catalog Here
•          Do you share customer information? 
No - We do not provide your confidential information with outsiders.
•          Is there a minimum order amount?
 Minimum order is $75.00, we do charge freight if an order is less than $350.00.
•            Are there any handling charges? 
No - We do not charge handling.
•          Is there a suggested retail price that can be provided?
Yes - For our full-service customers We price all items with a barcoded price label that includes the following: Item number, name of the retailer, and retail price. We can only put retail price labels on our standard line of products, and not on the items we distribute on behalf of Energizer (item that start with the code "EN").
•          Do you sell single items or only inner packs/cases? 
We sell all items in single quantities for our full-service customers, Our direct customers are required to buy packs.
•          What is your delivery time? 
 We ship the order within 24 hours after it's received. Delivery time runs from one to three days.
•          Can a customer return product?
Customers can return items for a credit on account, only as long as they are actively buying products from us. All returns are for credit on account - NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.  See terms and conditions for details.