Ordering is easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Register. If you are not already registered for web ordering, Register here.
  • Log In. Use your user-ID and password to Login to our web-ordering database. 
  • Shop. Choose items from our Catalog and add them to your shopping cart. As new items are added, the contents of your cart will be displayed along with a running total and calculated freight amount. 
  • Checkout. When you have completed your selections, you then click the checkout button. Final totals will be calculated and the exact contents of your order will be displayed. You will be given an opportunity to finalize your order, or return to the catalog to continue shopping. You can, of course, quit at any time. 
  • Finalize. When you click the finalize button, your order will be transmitted to our warehouse for processing. It takes approximately an hour for the order to work its way through our system, so if you need to make a change or add other items, call us at 800-445-9872(California) or 866-445-9872(Tennessee) and we can make the necessary adjustments. 
That's all there is to it. When you have the hang of it, try our Rapid Re-Order and Order Form tools to make your ordering even easier.
If you want to order using a paper order form:
You can always use our Quick order page (only works if you are logged in) for a fast order process and save the browsing time!