Car Wash Hoses Reels and Fittings

The hand crank hose reel offer lightweight, compact portability for long lengths of hose. Eliminate the task of manually coiling and uncoiling hose and easily transport it to the job site on wheels. High pressure applications are no problem with a 4,000 PSI rating.Since many years ContiTech has been specialized in producing and supplying hoses without reinforcements (machine hoses) for a great  variety of applications such as: Transport of fuel oil, petrol, diesel  and bio diesel Transport of engine oil, gear lubricant oil and power  steering oil Hoses for windscreen washers  Air control Protecting hoses  (in general)  Transport of milk (for example teat hoses) and potable  water.
This cost-effective line of permanent crimp-style hydraulic fittings is  designed to deliver “bite-the-wire” sealing and holding power. The fittings can be assembled without removing the outer hose cover,  eliminating premature hose failure caused by skiving too long or too short.
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